These are announcements from Michael Linton (open money development group):

  1. There are a (small) number of Music Fest tickets available for cw$75 + $75 (+ tax) at the Broken Spoke Coffee House (871 2229). So please don’t miss a great event if you really want to be there and have cw$ to spend.    Policy is a maximum of 2 tickets per business on the first pass, and while there may be more later, it’s more likely not, so get your call in now if you want some.
  2. We are going to call each of you – the underwriting businesses of thecommunity way program – to ask for a meeting of perhaps 30 minutes or less, hopefully sometime in the next few weeks, preferably in person, but perhaps by phone if that’s more convenient.

It is now almost a year since the Comox Valley community way was  launched, and now we want to meet each of you individually to exchange information on this first year’s experience – what’s working / not working etc etc – and to review current and imminent options.  We want to hear what you have to say, and we want you to know what’s in planning.  You might find a moment to review thischart and perhaps check on your on-line account – but this is not urgent and will be covered in any meeting.

While these meetings aren’t in any way essential, they are very much recommended.  There are good reasons to predict considerably more activity in the coming year than the last, and it pays to be prepared.  Besides, as part of the introduction process covered by your cw$ registration fees, you already paid for this meeting, so there’s no cost like that – it’s only a matter of your time.

So this (email) is your notification that someone (probably me) will be calling soon, hoping to find a convenient time to talk, and to listen, at more length.

Read this on the Community Way website.

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